Muberya Sağlam says, We women are very smart, attractive and beautiful in every way. I created this make-up not because we need it or to look good to someone, but to feel better about ourselves with a few small touches.


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  • We are women after all

    Regardless of age, religion, language, race, color, we are women, becoming shining stars with a few small touches

  • Juicy lips with S'glam Beauty

    "Looking to bring a little beauty to your lips? S'glam can make your dreams become a beautiful reality and become the woman you want to be!"

  • Glow up with S'Glam Beauty

    Are you looking for ways to feel better about yourself? If so, then you should give S'Glam Beauty a chance to glow you up

  • Natural makeup with S'glam beauty

    You can wave goodbye to your Full coverage foundation with S'glam Beauty because ultra glowy, healthy looking skin and natural makeup looks are pretty much the most timeless and biggest beauty trend